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B.S. in mathematics from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a strong background in biotechnology.
J.D. Santa Clara University, specializing in patent law.
42, ab initio, acapella, armchair psychology, babylon 5, biking, biophysics, biotechnology, bleeding-heart, books, brave story, c-span, camping, card games, chocolate, citing my sources, commitment, complexity, confidence, contact, cooking, cowboy bebop, cycling, daily show, debate, decision making processes (politics), devil's advocate, devotion, dr. horrible's sing-along-blog, dr. strangelove, dungeons and dragons, eclectic music, ergo proxy, escaflowne, fencing, firefly, forrest gump, fume hoods, game theory, games, gattaca, gel electrophoresis, genetics, good, goofy romantic comedies, hare-clark voting, hiking, honest politics, honesty, hypothesis, ip law, isaac asimov, jazz, kiki's delivery service, labyrinth, law, legislation, love, loyalty, math, mathematical modeling, mathematics, matrix, melancholy of suzumiya haruhi, miyazaki, molecular biology, music, mythbusters, neo-classical, nerds, new york times, nova, often_wrong but never_in_doubt, organizing, pay it forward, people associated phenomena, philosophy of science, politics, preferential voting, princess bride, princess tutu, proofs, protein design, protein folding, protein structure, proteomics, public policy, rahxephon, rational drug design, reading, red dwarf, research, ribosomes, rock music, sci-fi, science, scientific method, shawshank redemption, sirna, skiing, social justice, sociological systems management, spirited away, statistically significant, structural bioinformatics, studying, suspension of disbelief, the seatbelts, trigun, unbreakable, uncovering ad-hominen args, unusual, vincent law, voting systems, xkcd, yoga