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Jay's Journally Journal
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29th-Sep-2011 12:14 am - Efficacy testing in education?
The FDA requires that food and drugs pass safety and efficacy trials before they are adopted. Why doesn't the department of education require EFFICACY trials for any "technology, system, or curriculum module" that school boards could buy? I would be in favor of limiting school boards to only be legally capable of purchasing things which have passed efficacy trials (analogous perhaps to double blind studies conducted for pharmaceuticals).

Re: http://www.ginandtacos.com/2011/04/27/snake-oil-and-patent-medicine
18th-Aug-2011 10:13 am - Patent system summary
Basepair Belong to Us
This is the best short summary of the patent system that I have read so far:
8th-Aug-2011 08:31 pm - Sexist attitudes - I'm shocked
Drink Tea
This guy, whoever he is, has some serious issues, particularly with regards to secretaries:

I wish all the people that criticized Avatar for being culturally insensitive would see this guy.
13th-Jul-2011 11:46 pm - Hannip.com Database is online
Basepair Belong to Us
I spent a lot of time today working on the backend of my law firm's website. The mySQL database is installed, running, and interfaced into the websites FAQ . . . meaning my website now has support for user input! The simple textual input is not overly complicated - the complicated part is correctly connecting to the database via PHP on the front end of the website and make it cooperate. I even have my website sending me automatic notifications when input is submitted. The first step of implementing a database is complicated by necessary security authentication and validation of input to prevent SQL injection and mail injection database attacks.

However, now that I have the framework in place to take user input I can work on implementing more sophisticated features. I can now include what is called "dynamic content."
Drink Tea
As a general update I have been continuing to work on growing Hann Intellectual Property Services as a business. (Hannip.com)

What this means is nicely summarized in these two articles:
Pros and cons of a virtual office from successful solosPros and Cons of a Virtual Office

However unlike Sykora & Santini PLLP I am just starting out and dealing with the first big hurdle of starting your own business: finding a steady stream of clients.
14th-Jun-2011 05:40 pm - The joys of coding
Basepair Belong to Us
I just spent 5 hours debugging a mixture of html, javascript, and PHP, to find what turned out to be an inconsistency in capitalization in variables between two difference pages.
. . .
five hours to fix First_name to first_name
Now to figure out what is going on with the reCaptcha.
22nd-May-2011 05:13 pm - How much does a patent cost? $10,000+
Basepair Belong to Us
Since officially becoming a patent attorney I have been getting a lot of questions from friends and family about patent law. My friends and family are very intelligent but they made me realize how few people have any idea how much it costs to obtain a patent.

Patents cost upwards of $10,000.

17th-May-2011 09:56 am - Congratulations to my Brother
Haruhi Suzumiya
My younger brother received his GRE scores yesterday. He scored in the 99th percentile in the GRE subject test in biology. Biology is a very challenging GRE subject test and 99th percentile is the best you can do. This means he can probably get into any graduate program he wants - even the super competitive ones.
13th-May-2011 02:32 pm - Donating Blood
Drink Tea
I donated blood today, and as a part of that am giving a shout out reminder to all my friends to donate too.


Donating blood is great for the holidays 3 times a year:

February, Valentines Day - Show how much you care and donate blood!
July, Independence Day - Be patriotic and donate blood!
October, Halloween - well it has been a while since you last donated blood and the vampires are getting hungry. Must be time to set an appointment to donate blood ;-)
Basepair Belong to Us
An essential fact for understanding the economy of 2010: 80% of corporate assets are "intangibles" of intellectual property. Its not 1985 anymore, or even 1995.

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